On the Rocks – Scottish Student Art Festival St Andrews, 1st – 10th April, 2016

10th March 2016

What is the On the Rocks Festival? On the Rocks is an annual festival, which has been staged in St Andrews every April since 2009. The festival is entirely student operated and was created when a group of students got together and merged a range of smaller, separate festivals into one larger and better event.…

Visit the StAnza Poetry Festival, 2nd – 6th March, 2016

16th February 2016

What is the StAnza Poetry Festival? The StAnza Poetry is an annual poetry festival, which has been staged in St Andrews every year since 1998. StAnza is the only festival through Scotland which is exclusively devoted to poetry. The Festival is staged in March each year in St Andrews and is now recognised as one…

Visiting West Sands Beach and Blown Away Experiences Whilst in St Andrews

13th January 2016

St Andrews is famous around the world for a variety of reasons; a jewel in the crown is the West Sands Beach. In this article we’ll explore West Sands and also enjoying a Blown Away experience whilst on your visit.

St Andrews architecture wins prestigious award

14th December 2015

St Andrews is a town awash with fascinating sites of historical interest and architectural magnificence, but now one of the more contemporary buildings has been recognised too. The Best Building in Scotland Award offers the highest monetary prize for an architectural feat in the whole of the UK, and is one of the most coveted…

Spooky sights in St Andrews

14th November 2015

St Andrews is a town full of history and legend and with the oldest university in Scotland and more than 500 years of ruins, there’s no shortage of ghosts and spooky tales. If you enjoy a good ghost story or a visit to a haunted house, there’s plenty at St Andrews to keep you busy…

A Holiday in St. Andrews – all a part of a Child’s Education

21st October 2015

The mention of education conjures up images of school teachers, sums with children bent over their books for many people but a child’s learning shouldn’t stop the moment they step outside the classroom. In fact, everyday life offers many opportunities for education, and never more so than during a holiday when everyone is more relaxed.…

Enjoy a girls’ weekend in St Andrews

14th September 2015

There’s nothing quite like a weekend away with your gal pals to purge any feelings of stress from your life. And with its beautiful scenery, fantastic shops and excellent spa facilities, there’s no better place for a girls’ weekend away than St Andrews, Scotland.

Walking Routes in and Around the St Andrews Area

14th August 2015

There are plenty of walking tours in St Andrews, which take you around the Old Course and to some of the town’s finest food outlets but if you want to explore the surrounding forests, beaches and wildlife, we suggest heading on one of the walking routes featured below…

Reasons to choose self-catered accommodation in St Andrews

16th July 2015

One of the most picturesque parts of Scotland, St Andrews has much to offer visitors all year round. And as it’s such a popular area for tourists, there’s a plethora of hotels and guesthouses to choose from, but there is another choice: self-catering. Opting for luxury self-catered accommodation has lots of advantages; here are just…

A Great Day Out at the St Andrews Botanic Garden

6th July 2015

If you’re enjoying a holiday in and around the beautiful St Andrews area of eastern Scotland, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the spectacular landscape and scenery. With much to see and do, it’s the perfect place for a family holiday, offering a unique blend of relaxation and tranquility with lots of local attractions.