Reasons to choose self-catered accommodation in St Andrews

St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle

One of the most picturesque parts of Scotland, St Andrews has much to offer visitors all year round.

And as it’s such a popular area for tourists, there’s a plethora of hotels and guesthouses to choose from, but there is another choice: self-catering.

Opting for luxury self-catered accommodation has lots of advantages; here are just a few reasons why it’s so much more enjoyable.


Although St Andrews is a real hotspot for tourists, the landscape is vast and there’s plenty of room for everyone. If you choose to stay in the centre of the town, you could miss out on some of the more unique qualities that the location has to offer.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take the opportunity to really relax. Self-catering accommodation will give you the privacy to enjoy the peace and quiet in absolute seclusion while you unwind amongst the glorious Scottish scenery.

Whether you gaze over the harbour, or look out over the lush rolling hills, opting for self-catering is the only way to guarantee absolute peace and quiet.


Checkout the St Andrews Aquarium for a fun day out in St Andrews

Checkout the St Andrews Aquarium for a fun day out in St Andrews

St Andrews has something for everyone, whether you’re hoping to visit historic sites, places of interest or even hike around the rugged landscape.

Surrounding the town there’s tiny fishing villages where you can discover smuggling and pirate legends of the past. There are also lots of larger attractions such as the Aquarium, which is a great way to keep the whole family entertained when the weather isn’t particularly pleasant outside.

Whatever you choose to do, when you go on holiday you’ll want to set your own itinerary, and that means deciding what time to head out and how much to pack into the day.

If you’re staying in a guesthouse or a hotel, you might not have the freedom you need as you’ll be tied to certain mealtimes. By going self-catering, you can dine out without losing the benefits of what you’ve already paid for, or you could have a later dinner or breakfast if that suits your plans better.


St Andrews is such a beautiful part of the country, there’s lots of reasons why you might want to visit.

As well as tourism, it’s a popular place to get married, with the wonderful landscape providing the perfect romantic backdrop for any wedding.

For a small, intimate affair, luxury self-catering cottages provide the ideal accommodation for wedding guests as well as the happy couple. Making a block booking means that you can have the entire group of cottages and lodges to yourself, so you will have the flexibility of making your wedding arrangements to suit you, rather than the restrictions of accommodation in a hotel.

And with different sized cottages with multiple bedrooms, there’s much more room to spread out if you’re in a large family group rather than being cramped into a small hotel suite.


Luxury hotel rooms are great to stay in but they can’t offer the range of features that are available in self catering accommodation.

It’s not just hotels which offer five star benefits; luxury self-catering apartments offer all the same creature comforts but much more besides.

Whether it’s a private hot tub on a secluded patio or a cosy wood-burning stove, you can enjoy all the benefits of a stunning Scottish coach house which are guaranteed to make your stay extremely memorable.


St Andrews is a wonderful place to visit and wherever you stay you’re bound to have a fabulous time. However, opting for luxury self-catered accommodation will give you more privacy, better facilities and the freedom to really relax and unwind.

Whilst on the subject of luxury self-catered accommodation we couldn’t help resist mentioning our properties in St. Andrews. If you are interested in holidaying in St Andrews, please get in touch about booking our luxury self catered accommodation. Contact us at St Andrews Coachhouses 01334 477593

Image Credits: Andrew Rickmann and Stef Woods

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