Qualities to Expect in Luxury Self-Catered Accommodation

The Dukes Coach House – a fine example of our luxury self-catered accommodation

The Dukes Coach House – a fine example of our luxury self-catered accommodation

Taking a break in the UK doesn’t have to mean staying in a cramped caravan; there’s lots of accommodation which can be found which offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Cottages, lodges and coach houses offer some of the best self-catered accommodation in the country, with plenty of privacy and freedom to do your own thing.

But if you’ve never stayed in luxury self-catered accommodation, you might not be quite sure what to expect. Here’s a brief kind to the type of typical creature comforts and indulgences you might find.

Hot tub or Jacuzzi

It’s difficult to beat a nice soak in a deep, warm bath but a Jacuzzi or a hot tub offers the ultimate in luxury relaxation.

A Jacuzzi bath is a real treat but for indulgence which can’t be matched, look out for a hot-tub set on a private patio.

The temperature of the water in the hot-tub mean that even if the weather is a bit chilly, you’ll feel lovely and warm and it’s a pleasure that you won’t be able to enjoy back home.

If you pick a place that’s in a semi-rural location, or part of the country renowned for its spectacular scenery, you could be sitting in a hot-tub enjoying views over rolling countryside. For an extra bit of luxury, treat yourself to a nice glass of bubbly at the same time…

Secluded location

It’s nice to be close to local amenities but staying right in the centre of town means that there’s often little space and no privacy.

The luxury accommodation is typically found a little further out of town, away from the main hustle and bustle but close enough to be convenient. In a semi-rural or secluded location, there’s no noise pollution from nearby traffic and beautiful grounds to take a stroll in, or just admire the view.

In the modern world, there’s often too much noise and unless you live in a rural area (or are a millionaire!) you’re unlikely to enjoy the peace and quiet that you might crave. Taking a break in luxury self-catered accommodation means that you don’t have the clattering that can occur in a hotel, and can enjoy a really tranquil break.

If you’re really lucky with your destination, you might even be in close proximity to the sea. Being able to look out over the harbour or walk out of your door and onto the beach will make your holiday feel really exquisite.

Luxury interiors are a must as is the case with our Priory Lodge property

Luxury interiors are a must as is the case with our Priory Lodge property

Luxury interior

Being in secluded surroundings with the perfect view is a great start to any holiday but if the items in the accommodation are shabby and poor quality, you won’t have the top class experience you might be hoping for.

And it’s the little things that matter, such as big fluffy towels in the bathroom and Egyptian cotton linen on the beds. There’s something very luxurious about sliding in between crisp white sheets or wrapping yourself in a thick, soft towel after you step out of the hot-tub.

The décor should be stylish and classy too, whether it’s designed in a contemporary or traditional manner. Leather sofas and wooden floors work well with any type of interior and offer chic sophistication without compromising comfort.

The kitchen should be modern and equipped with all the latest appliances, but still radiating elegance, with granite work tops and a fully integrated design.

A wood burner is the finishing touch to provide a warm glow, the perfect ambience for a romantic winter getaway.


The UK offers some stunning locations and the backdrop to the accommodation will hopefully offer views of the countryside which you’ll never want to leave. With every luxury accessory in the accommodation, and a sophisticated décor, your getaway will be everything you dreamed of, and more.

Whilst on the subject of luxury self-catered accommodation we couldn’t help resist mentioning our properties in St. Andrews. If you are interested in holidaying in St Andrews in 2015, please get in touch about booking our luxury self catered accommodation. Contact us at St Andrews Coachhouses 01334 477593  www.standrewscoachhouses.co.uk

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