Sports and activities in St Andrews

Visit the local stables in St Andrews and head out on an afternoon trek across the beach.

Visit the local stables in St Andrews and head out on an afternoon trek across the beach.

Whilst some people visit St Andrews to relax and unwind, others use their holiday as the perfect time to participate in a new sport or activity. If you are interested in trying your hand at a new sport or activity in St Andrews, take a look at our recommendations below. Believe it or not there is far more to do than just play golf! There is a sport and activity to suit everyone, so you will not be disappointed.


Boasting beautiful scenery and a fantastic network of cycling routes, St Andrews is the perfect place to go bike riding. Not bought your bike with you? Don’t worry, you can hire one locally! A great bike rental shop can be found on South Street. There are various different cycling routes for you to take across St Andrews and Fife that have been established as part of the Kingdom of Fife Cycleways network.

Horse riding

Explore the beautiful countryside of St Andrews by going on a horse or pony trek. Whether you are an experienced rider or have never got on a horse before, the team at Barbarafield Riding School caters for all levels of ability.

Land yachting

If you fancy doing something a little different, why not have a go at land yachting on St Andrews’ West Sands beach? Land yachting, also known as sand yachting and land sailing is the act of moving across land in a three wheeled vehicle, powered by wind through the use of a sail. Land yachting and other beach activities usually take place in a designated zone at the northern end of West Sands. Head to one of the local vendors and you will be able to book a land yachting session where you will be taught how to do it and may even get to participate in a friendly race or two!

Other popular beach activities include beach kayaking, zapcatting and traction kiting.


If you fancy catching a few waves whilst you are away in St Andrews, head to East Sands beach. There you will be able to join in with the local surfers. If you have never been surfing before and need teaching the basics, be sure to book a lesson at the local Oceanics Surf School.

West Sands in St Andrews is the perfect place to participate in adrenaline pumping water sports.

West Sands in St Andrews is the perfect place to participate in adrenaline pumping water sports.

Water sports

Water sports enthusiasts will be right at home in St Andrews. There are a number of fantastic water sports companies in the area including Blown Away, located at West Sands and East Neuk Outdoors and Elie Watersports, both of which are located just around the coast. All of these companies offer lessons and group activities in a wide range of water sports including windsurfing, canoeing, pedal boats, water skiing and dingy sailing.


If adventure sports are not for you and you prefer a relaxing walk in the sunshine, you will be pleased to know that there are so many beautiful walks you can go on in St Andrews. One of the most spectacular walks, in terms of scenery, is the Fife Coastal Path. For more recommendations, we suggest heading to the local tourism office or asking some of the locals whilst you are in the area.


With so many fantastic sports and activities on offer, you certainly won’t be short of things to do during your stay in St Andrews. Whether you are the adventurous type and love adrenaline pumping activities or you prefer the quiet life, there are sports and activities for everyone to enjoy in St Andrews. Enjoy the luxurious surroundings at St Andrews Coachhouses where you can decide how much or how little activity you wish to participate in during your holiday.

Whatever you decide to do we’d love you to stay with us at St Andrews Coach Houses.

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