Walking Tours and Routes in and Around St Andrews

St. Andrews is a world famous tourist location.

St. Andrews is a world famous tourist location.

Lying on the east coast of Scotland, St Andrews is famous for its stunning landscape which is home to some of the best golf courses in Europe.

But although golf is a popular reason to visit the region, St Andrews has many other activities on offer too.
The countryside which contributes to such memorable golf courses stretches out for miles along the coastline, creating spectacular scenery for walkers and hikers to enjoy.

If you are thinking of visiting St Andrews and would like to see more of the local area, here’s a guide to some of the walking tours and routes you can find in the region.

Famous footsteps

If the beach at St Andrews looks distinctly familiar to you, it could be because these were the sands which were used in the famous Chariots of Fire film. All the beaches that you see on film are those at St Andrews itself.

So if you want to see some of the best sights that the town has to offer, as well as walk in the footsteps of the famous, why not try the St Andrews Links and West Sands walk?

Beginning by the sea, walkers will follow the beach along the very same route made famous in Chariots of Fire, a gentle start to get the legs moving.

The walk then winds its way round into the Eden Nature Reserve; keep your eyes peeled as this is one of the best places to see wildfowl and waders in Scotland. If you are quiet and have a touch of luck, you might even catch very secretive birds such as the Jack Snipe during your hike.

The walk finishes by following a path between two of the famous golf clubs in the region, and then over the town itself.

A great walk offering a variety of landscapes and sights, it really provides a flavour of St Andrews at its finest

Kingbarns to St Andrews – Fife Coastal Path

No visit to St Andrews would be complete without experiencing at least part of the Fife Coastal Path.
A stunning route, the full path follows the coast round into the tiny little smugglers’ villages and coves which would have been so active in the past.

This part of the path stretches from Kingsbarns to St Andrews, and offers all you would expect: rocky shorelines, unspoilt beaches and magnificent views. There’s also an inland section which meanders alongside a river and over some farmland.

Those wishing to enjoy this walk will need to check tidal times as there’s a section of the walk which is not passable during high tide.

Why not get a guided tour of St Andrews?

Why not get a guided tour of St Andrews?

Town and Gown Walk

Although St Andrews has some of the most inspiring scenery for miles around, the town itself has much to offer.
There are many walks which provide walkers with a glimpse of the natural world, but don’t be tempted to dismiss the town itself.
One of the most fascinating urban areas, the town of St Andrews has medieval architecture and plenty of old buildings and ruins to explore. And it is this feature that the popular Town and Gown walk focusses its attention on.

With paved streets throughout the walk, it is particularly suitable for those with mobility difficulties beckoning participants on a merry journey throughout the town, highlighting the medieval streets and well preserved ruins which are dotted throughout St Andrews.

With Georgian buildings, the Cathedral, the ruins of an Augustinian Priory to name but a few, you will leave this walking tour with much more information than you began with, and a newfound thirst to discover more about this intriguing town.


St Andrews has much to offer everyone who visits, with beautiful panoramas as far as the eye can see. There are many different kinds of walks for all to enjoy, whether you fancy a lung busting climb up the cliffs or a gentle stroll through the town.

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