An A-Z of Reasons to Visit St. Andrews

In this fun guide we provide an A-Z of reasons why a visit to St. Andrews is a great idea!

A – Architecture 
The town of St Andrews is full of stunning architecture such as the Cathedral, Castle and Holy Trinity Church as just a few examples

B – Beaches 
St Andrews has access to a number of great beaches such as the West Sands Beach which was made famous as the venue for the opening scenes in the film “Chariots of Fire”

C –  Castle 
No trip to St Andrews would be complete without a trip to visit the ruins of St Andrews Castle

D – Day 
Visit St. Andrews on the 30th November to celebrate St Andrews Day, the patron saint who the town is named after

E – Events and Festivals 
Enjoy festivals year-round with festival events such as Rocks Scottish Students Art Festival and the StAnza Poetry Festival

F – Food and drink 
With over sixty restaurants to choose from you’ll never go hungry in St Andrews! There are also in addition many pubs and bars, café, delis and takeaways to meet every requirement

The Old Course at St Andrews

The Old Course at St Andrews

G – Golf
St Andrews is synonymous worldwide with golf, it’s what the town is most famously known for. St Andrews is well known worldwide as the “home of golf”

H – Hill of Tarvit 
The Hill of Tarvit is a mansion house well worth a visit when in St Andrews. Visit this 279 acre house for its gardens, parks and 9-hole golf course

I – International cuisine 
We’ve previously mentioned the food which is very diverse, there are British, Chinese, Indian, Italian and many more restaurants to choose from

J – Jazz 
Visit St Andrews in February and enjoy the Jazz Fife Festival

K – Kingsbarns Distillery 
Visit here for an authentic tour of a Scottish whisky distillery

L – Links 
The St Andrews Links comprise of seven golf courses and are the largest golf complex in Europe

M – Museums 
Visit the towns museums such as the British Golf museum, MUSA (university museum), the Preservation Trust museum and Scottish Fisheries museum

N – Neuk 
Not far from St Andrews is the East Neuk. The a day trip out from St Andrews and enjoy picturesque fishing villages, enjoy the arts and stunning coastline

O – Old course 
The St Andrews old course is world famous and is the oldest course in the world and features the iconic Swilcan Bridge

P – Princess Kate 
The Princess loved St Andrews whilst studying at the University and this has made the town even more famous, find out more by visiting for yourself

Q – Quintessential 
Visit St Andrews for a quintessential Scottish holiday

R – Royal Burgh 
St Andrews is steeped in history and is a former royal burgh, relics and reminders of this royal history can be found throughout the town

st andrews cathedral

Take a refreshing walk around the Cathedral ruins

S – Strolling 
For those liking to walk there are many routes suiting all capability levels in the St Andrews area

T – Tours 
There are plenty of tours to choose from in St Andrews to the orthodox style tours to specialist witches and ghost tours

U – University 
St Andrews University is over 600 years old and is the #1 rated University in Scotland

There are many stunning views in the St Andrews area, of historic sites, coastal scenes and more, just come and take a look!

W – West Sands Beach 
This beach is popular as a day out especially for water sports activities and was also used in the 1981 Chariots of Fire film

X – X (the Cross) 
The St Andrews cross is featured on the Scottish Flag, many of which are visible when walking through the town

Y – Younger Hall 
This fine building features regular concerts by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and houses up to 1,000 people

After all these activities it will be time for a snooze and where better to rest than the luxury self-catering accommodation we provide here at St Andrews Coach Houses


Image Credits: Gamola Golf and Rachel Turnbull

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