Family Holidays

Girls with one of our lambsPricesOnce you’ve found your base for your family holiday you then have to fill your days. Luckily at St Andrews Coach Houses there are loads of great places close by to take children to inspire them that are most enjoyable for adults too.

Also we have our spacious Activity Barn on site so when you get home from the beach or touring, the kids can burn off some extra energy and be entertained while you get a chance to relax and take in the view.

Check availability and bookWhen asking Abby, 4, one of our young guests this summer what she enjoyed best about her holiday she said “staying at the Coach Houses” and that really sums it up for so many of our guests children.

Our Activity BArnWhere else do you get the chance to wake up in the morning and gaze out over green fields full of cows and calves grazing, sheep baahing and our lovely horse Sophia munching grass just outside your window?

Maggie in front of hte Coach Houses with one of her sheepTake a tour of one of our coach housesThe children love to see all the animals and for many of them it is their first experience of being up close and personal with any farm animals. Also if any of our guests have any questions regarding the farm we are more than happy to discuss these and explain a bit about the farming calendar. Also the young boys love to see the tractors, combine and other farm machinery working in the fields.

Depending on what time of year you visit there is always something different happening on the farm:-

  • January to April – Our cows are calving inside to keep them warm and cosy.
  • March/ April – Its lambing time for our flock of pedigree Zwartbles. Come and watch the lambs gallop round the paddock.
  • May – The cows, calves and bull go outside after a long winter indoors. This is a great sight as the cows’ career around the field full of the joys of spring! They stay grazing outside until the middle of October when they are brought inside again for the Winter.
  • June/July – time for sheep shearing so the sheep get rid of their thick winter coat before the warmth of summer.

    Maggies horse in front of the St Andrews coach houses

    Maggies horse in front of the St Andrews coach houses

  • August/September – Farmer John gets out on his combine to harvest our wheat and oats.
  • September/October – It is time to plough the stubble fields and sow the new crop ready for next year.

Come and have a chat with Farmer John and let him tell you a little about life as a farmer!

We can also provide a travel cot and high chair (subject to availability) at no extra charge.

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